Sutter County Emergency workers were busy today as not one, but two crop dusters crashed in the area.

The first plane went down about quarter after seven this morning near Highway 99 South of Riego Road.

"It was an Air Tractor 301 crop duster that had lost power and had coasted in with no engine power and it landed on a dirt road in that general area," Brenda Baker with the Sutter County Sheriff's office said. 

Baker says the 24-year-old pilot walked away without injuries.

Then this afternoon, a second crop duster, an Air Tractor 502-B, lost power in the same general area.   

"After landing, it flipped on its top. The pilot was a 70-year-old out of the Davis area. He received a small cut on his forearm," she said. 

A representative from the Farm Air Flying Service declined to comment on-air, but did say the day's event were very upsetting to them and they really just want to get back to normal.

Having one plane come down in a day is very rare.  They've never before had two crashes in the same day.