One U.S. lawmaker says there's no evidence terrorism caused a Malaysian flight's disappearance.

"A little bit more direction, being flexible, changing the places where they look, I think all of this is good, but it also indicates that there is no real method of calculation that's functioning very well," said California Senator Dianne Feinstein.

She told CNN's "State of the Union" until Flight 370 is found it's all speculation.

"So far there's been none, and there's been speculation, but there's none..."

Searchers are combing the southern Indian Ocean for any sign of the missing plane.  Search crews have about seven days until the plane's black-box recorder's locator batteries die.  

The search continues Tuesday.

A retired pilot says he's not convinced something bad happened in the cockpit of a missing Malaysian airliner:

"...could lay out probably several different scenarios whereby something occurred on the airplane and the crew did a valiant job trying to control the situation and the in the end things just didn't work out," said Roy Liggett.

Liggett told CNN's "State of the Union" Flight 370 could have run into some in-flight problems.  

He also said it's unfair to focus on the pilots without clear evidence.  

The search for Flight 370 has ended for the day and will resume tomorrow.  

Crews have about seven days before the flight's black-box battery runs out.