The feds levy corruption charges against a state senator and his brother, saying both of them took bribes.

Senate Leader Darrell Steinbeg has now called on Calderon to resign, or at a minimum take a leave of absence until the criminal proceedings are finished. Steinberg says if Calderon refuses, the Senate will seek to suspend him.

A federal grand jury has indicted state senator Ron Calderon on 24-counts of political corruption.  US Attorney Andre Birotte says the Southern California Democrat took kickbacks to support legislation to extend film industry tax credits and change workers' comp laws that brought massive profits to a Long Beach Medical Center.  Its owner has already plead.

Ron Calderon allegedly solicited and accepted approximately $100,000 in cash bribes as well as plane trips, gourmet dinners, and trips to golf resorts.

It's said he funnelled some of the money to his children and political groups that he and his brother controlled.  Who also finds himself named in all this.  Calderon could face upwards of 400 years in prison.  He'll surrender himself on Monday.

The former owner of a tiny orthopedic hospital caught in a fraud scheme has agreed to plead guilty and testify against Sen. Ron Calderon and others in return for a reduced sentence.

Michael Drobot is central figure in the scandal that ensnared Calderon. Drobot is accused in a 16-year worker's comp scheme.

Insurance Comissioner Dave Jones called it the largest workers' compensation fraud cases in the history of the Department of Insurance.