Congress is on the brink of approving a $1.1 trillion bipartisan spending bill that keeps the government afloat through the end of the fiscal year in October -- just before the elections.

It's the Senate's turn to act, possibly as early as today, after the bill got overwhelming approval in the House Wednesday.

The measure contains compromises on almost every one of its 1,582 pages. 

Compromise on the spending bill is a break from years of congressional funding fights that included a government shutdown last October.

The bi-partisan package increases agency budgets by $26 billion over last year's total.

But it still leaves them $31 billion below where last year's spending would have been if not for automatic across-the-board budget cuts.

After the bill is passed by Congress, it will head to the desk of President Barack Obama to be signed into law. 

Obama's health care reforms avoided any harsh cuts sought by conservative Republicans hoping to dismantle the 2010 Affordable Care Act.