One U.S. senator is proposing major reforms to the Affordable Care Act:

"I've never seen a piece of legislation that was perfect.  In fact the United States' Constitution, probably the most perfect piece of legislation ever devised by the mind of man, has been amended 27 times," said Angus King.

Independent Senator King of Maine explained his ideas to "Fox News Sunday."  One idea is a lower-cost higher-deductible plan,

"You can't sign up for Obamacare, you sign up an Anthem policy, or an Aetna policy or a WellPoint policy.  It's private insurance, and private insurance companies have been doing closed networks for years," he added.

Another is excusing companies that have 99 or fewer workers from providing employees with healthcare coverage.  Right now the limit is 50 or less.

Today (Monday) is the deadline for enrolling in a healthcare plan.