Seniors victimized by fraud and theft are one step closer to being eligible for some assistance through the state's Victim Compensation Fund.

Currently, crime victims can get reimbursement for the financial losses they suffer as a direct result of criminal acts, but elder and dependent adult financial abuse is not among the crimes eligible for reimbursement.

But Sen. Marty Block says seniors are easy targets for financial predators who take advantage of their loneliness, isolation and vulnerability.

"The financial loss of savings and other income can be devastating, especially if it is caused by the acts of a trusted family member or friend," he said. 

Block's SB 847 would  add seniors and dependent adults who suffer financial abuse to the list of victims eligible to receive reimbursement for mental health and financial counseling from California's Victims of Crime Fund.

The  measure was approved this week in the Senate Public Safety Committee.

It's supported by the California Police Chiefs, and Crime Victims United.