Sacramento County's Sheriff is confident there would be a different outcome if an incident such as the one in Ferguson, Missouri, happened here.

Sheriff Scott Jones believes the department's pro-active approach would lead to a different response to any type of civil unrest here. 

"The critical part is, you need to build the relationship with the communities that you serve, far in advance of a critical incident, before it reaches the boiling point," Jones said. 

That can be challenging in a diverse community like Sacramento.

"Some of these folks, especially the immigrant communities, come in and they have no reason to trust law enforcement because of their experiences in their own country, so we have to sort of overcome some of that mistrust," Jones said. 

Even so, Jones says deputies are continuously being prepared for such an event.

"Our folks are trained fairly regularly on civil disobedience and proper responses to that. We're always monitoring and developing best practices in those regards, learning from the exercises," Jones said. 

Jones believes Missouri authorities made a smart move transferring peace enforcement in Ferguson to State Troopers -- a move he thinks paved the way for more peaceful demonstrations.