Hundreds of refugees from other countries make new lives for themselves and their families in Sacramento every year.

However, many of them have no idea how to interact with local law enforcement.

From Exile to Safety is a program hosted by the Sacramento Sheriff's Department and International Rescue Committee to help refugees settle.

Sacramento Sheriff's Sgt. David Froman says people come here to feel safe and provide a better life for their families. 

"One such family, when the country they were fleeing from learned that they were coming to the United States, the husband didn't make it with all of his fingers," Froman said. 

The seminars teach those newly arrived to the country how to get an identification card, emergency phone numbers and what to do if you get pulled over by police.

Sgt. Froman says he is happy to help.

"I'm able to help in the way I am, by representing the sheriff's department. And the rewards are ten-fold, in seeing these individuals be successful in our society," he said. 

The department dedicates the second Tuesday of each month for the seminar, put on by the International Rescue Committee. Learn more at