A Shingle Springs woman isn't getting a tax refund this year because of a decades-old family debt.

Jean Myer's father died back in 1975 and her mother received Social Security.  Fast forward nearly 40 years and she gets a letter saying there's been $1,700 withheld from her tax refund because her mom was overpaid.

"They told me that since the money was given to her for my care, that I am ultimately responsible to pay it back" said Myer.

She was among 400,000 targeted in a federal program that, after media coverage, has just been suspended.  She's asked for reconsideration but doesn't expect she'll see the cash.

"They could really be specific with any information," Myers claimed.

She doesn't even know if the alleged debt is fully paid, and just hopes now they won't be able to go after her brother.