Smith and Wesson issued a written release today, saying it "does not and will not include microstamping in its firearms."  That means, unless California law changes, all M&P pistols other than the newly released M&P Shield will fall off the roster by next August because of performance enhancements. 

Sam Parades , Executive Director of Gun Owners of California can't fault the manufacturer's position,

"The California gun laws are so draconian and so nonsensical, that they had no choice but to allow their guns to fall off the list," he said.

He added that, under California law, when performance enhancements and other improvements are made, those specific models must be re-submitted for testing and meet additional requirements including microstamping.

"This is an issue that the anti-gunners are using to achieve their goal of reducing the number of guns that are sold in California," Parades concluded.

Even so, Smith and Wesson expects sales of the new M&P Shield pistols to more than offset the impact of the M&P models that will no longer be available.