Startling new data released today shared just how pervasive poverty is in Sacramento and its surrounding region.

Chosen along with 10 other cities across the country to create tangible solutions to poverty, Sacramento will receive $175,000 to help 400 low- to moderate-income people in the region.

"Across the region, including Yolo and Placer and El Dorado and Sacramento counties, about two out of five families are living in financial instability," Solana Rice, project director with Corporation for Enterprise Development, said. 

Rice says 66 percent of the region's African-American and Latino households are financially vulnerable.

Asking Sacramento to take a leadership role, Mayor Kevin Johnson called Sacramento a "city for everyone."

"And when I say everyone, I want everyone in this city to have equal opportunity to be able to have a home, to not be living in poverty, if you work full time, you should not be living in poverty, and this data certainly informs every single thing that we're doing," Johnson said. 

The $175,000 from Citi Community Development will provide financial capability programs and services to those 400 people.