The State Controller and California's VA are getting together to reunite veterans with their lost or forgotten property.

With more than $36 million worth of unclaimed property being held by the state, the partnership aims to reunite more than 95,000 veterans with what's rightfully theirs.

"Bronze and silver stars, it could be cash, it could be memorabilia," State Controller John Chiang said. 

Chiang now has a searchable data base where veterans and their families can easlily locate the items.

Air Force Veteran Reid Milburn checked the site right after the announcement, and is glad she did! 

"I didn't have anything on the unclaimed property website, but my father had three unclaimed properties -- one over $2,000, another $500 and another for $100," she said. 

And while Milburn spends a lot of time helping other veterans, she's looking forward to the phone call she's about to make to a special Vietnam veteran, her father Chuck.  

"It will be really exciting to call him, in just a minute now, and tell him that 'Hey, I just found a bunch of unclaimed property for you at a veteran's event,'" she said. 

See some of the unclaimed items and search the database to see if the state has something of yours, here.