State lawmakers voted today on a new water bond authorizing billions in borrowing to pay for new reservoirs, groundwater cleanup and habitat restoration.

Debate in both the Senate and Assembly scheduled this afternoon, and lawmakers have reach an agreement.

Senate Republican leader Bob Huff says most if not all Republicans will vote for the deal, and Senate Pro Tem Darrel Steinberg is confident that he has enough votes to pass it out of the Senate.

Negotiations last night bumped up the total price tag of a proposal backed by Governor Jerry Brown and Democratic leaders to $7.5 billion dollars. An extra $200 million was added for storage projects. That brings the amount closer to a $3 billion total that Republicans have long been pushing for.

Successfully passing a water bond has been an elusive goal for state leaders.

An $11 billion measure already on the ballot was a bipartisan compromise negotiated in 2009 under then Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger but was pulled twice from previous ballots.

It's been deemed as too expensive and unbalanced.

The deal today will be a replacement.