Do you have something in the state's "lost and found?" There's now a faster way to get it.

Controller John Chiang says his office is holding onto more than $6 billion in unclaimed property -- old paychecks, stocks, insurance payouts, and forgotten bank accounts.

"What happens is, under the law, if a business owes you money, and they can't identify and get you back that money in three years, that property is sent to the state of California," Chiang said. 

You used to have to use "snail mail" to get at your payment, but now if the total dollar amount is under $500 bucks, you can fill out online forms and see it in as little as two weeks.

The state has $6.4 billion in unclaimed property belonging to more than 20 million individuals and organizations.

Missing some money? Head to the eClaim program's website.