The number of flu deaths in California Continues to rise.  The state Department of Health confirms that the number of deaths form the flu this season has increased to 95 and 51 additional cases are being investigated.

"As you can see we're on a pace to way exceed the number of deaths we had last year," said Dr. Ron Chapman.

Dr. Chapman reminded that there was a total of 106 then.  He said part of the reason the season is so bad is because of the rise in the H1N1 virus.

20% of those who died actually did receive flu vaccinations,

"We're always gonna have a few folks for some personal reason get vaccinated and don't develop full immunity," the doctor said.

But Chapman emphasizes that the vaccine is still your best bet against the flu.  Here in Sacramento, the County Department of Health confirms there has been 17 deaths from the flu and that 78 people have been admitted to the hospital because of the virus.