On the heels of the murders in Isla Vista, many questions are being brought to the table about how to avoid something like that from happening again, such as should our law enforcement have better training to spot people with mental health issues.

"It's always easy to want to find a scape goat.  I'm not sure there is in this instance from everything I've read," said Senate leader Darrell Steinberg.

Steinberg joined the KFBK Morning News on Tuesday. He said there are questions we should be asking after this tragedy.

"...and that is, are we providing enough extensive training to our front line law enforcement officers on mental health," questioned the Senator.

The Democrat said with the combination of the YouTube video Elliott Rodger put online and the fact that his parents had asked for help from authorities a number of times before, the police could have taken more time with Rodger.

"I know it's second guessing, and really in this instance I'm not sure it would have made a difference.  These are all about learning lessons and looking forward," said Steinberg.