They'd kill anyone in their path. That's what Stockton Police are saying about the suspects from yesterday's robbery and chase.

The three men, two of them known gang members, had ammunition strapped to their bodies.

Fourteen cruisers were hit with bullets from an assault rifle, two .45's and a 9mm.

"Although I am deeply saddened by the one hostage who was killed, I am at least thankful that others were not killed," Chief Eric Jones said. 

Jones says the shooting never let up until a final gun battle.

That's when suspect Jaime Ramos, 19, was taken into custody --unharmed.

"As he apparently used the hostage as a shield," Jones said. 

It's not yet clear who fired the bullet that killed that Misty Holt-Singh, the hostage.

Twenty officers will be placed on administrative leave as the investigation continues.

Links between the suspects and other robberies are being explored.