A Stockton police officer died this morning from injuries he sustained a few weeks ago when he was involved in a crash while on duty. 

Scott Hewell was the passenger in a patrol car that struck a tree during a traffic incident response. He and another officer were extracted from the car at the scene, and Hewell was taken into surgery. 

He was recovering, but was rushed back to the hospital today. His exact cause of death is not known. 

The officers had been responding to reports of a driver shooting at another car on May 28 at the time of the crash. 

The second officer in the car was released from the hospital after being treated for injuries. 

Hewell, was 33. He joined the department in September of 2012. 

Police spokesman Joe Silva said Sewell is the first Stockton officer to die in the line of duty since Art Parga was killed during a drug raid in 1993.