The mysterious Google Barge has a new home. The internet giant was told to move the behemoth barge, made of recycled shipping containers, from San Francisco. Richard Aschieris, the director of the Port of Stockton, confirms the news:

"It is a 6-month agreement, but six months is just what we picked out.  If they wanted to stay longer, or if they had to go sooner, that's never gonna be a problem," said Aschieris.

Google says when the four-story barge is completed it will be an interactive technology center.

Stockton residents are welcoming Google's mystery barge with open arms.  Locals converged on the port to get a look at the 250-foot vessel that arrived Thursday after an eight-hour trip up the delta from San Francisco.  

The San Joaquin Delta city is happy about the positive press with the mayor saying quote, "Having 'Google' and 'Stockton' in the same sentence is much better than having 'Stockton' and 'bankruptcy' in the same sentence.

Google was forced to move the barge off Treasure Island because of permitting issues.