A ruling on whether or not Sacramento voters will get to decide the fate of a funding for a new downtown arena is again delayed.

After nearly two hours of oral arguments from the STOP group's attorneys and those representing the city, Judge Timothy Frawley again delayed a decision on the matter until next week.

The majority of the hearing was spent going over procedural defects in STOP's petitions, with attorneys for the city arguing the integrity of the process and pushing for a "letter of the law" ruling while STOP attorney Bradley Hertz argued that procedural mistakes should be overlooked.

"It was an unfortunate chain of events that led to there being so many different versions of the petition but again I think if you go out and ask those 23,000 signers if they were misled, if they were deprived of information that would have caused them not to sign it, I challenge anyone to find anyone who would say that," Hertz said.

Even so, Judge Frawley appeared to be siding with the city on point after procedural point.  He refused a request from STOP's attorneys to rule on the petition defects alone, instead ordering a continuance to allow STOP's attornies to more completely reply to the judges request for information on whether the initiative is legal because it's an attempt to change city code.

They have until Tuesday afternoon to reply.