Do you think you're a good swimmer? A new study shows you may be wrong.

"Eighty percent of people claim that they can swim," Jordan Scott with the Red Cross Capital Region Chapter said. 

However, Scott says that a recent test by the Red Cross shows that 54 percent of Americans don't have the basic skills necessary to keep themselves safe in the water.

Those skills include "being able to swim 25 yards to the nearest exit or returning to the surface and treading water for as little as a minute," Scott said. 

Captain Chris Swarbrick with the Sac City Fire Department says that is emphasized here in Sacramento with all our water ways.

"I think that there's probably a gross misunderstanding of actually the difference between 'I think I can swim in a pool' and 'I'm gonna go down to the river and spend the day there,'" Swarbick said. 

He says his department alone sees eight to 12 drownings a year. He suggests you always wear a life jacket in the rivers or lakes.