In the midst of a severe drought, with no end in sight, reservoirs are low, the snowpack is nearly nonexistent and there is far less water available for use in California. 

New research claims Californians could conserve enough water to offset this drought.

The Natural Resources Defense Council says the state's current water use pattern is unsustainable.

There's simply more water desired than what's made available by nature -- even in wet years.

"And we're overdrawing by over by more than 6 million acre feet every year," Spokeswoman Kate Poole said. 

Poole says it's a tough pill to swallow, but Californians could actually save 14 million acre feet through some real conservation efforts.

More farms would have to be outfitted with modern technology like drip irrigation and precise scheduling, and more cities would have to fully adopt stormwater capturing and water recycling programs.

The catch is an old one, none of that is cheap.

"It may require an upfront investment, but over the long term it's definitely worth it," Poole said. 

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