You're in the Army now -- well that's not very likely these days.

Turns out on this Memorial Day, fewer and fewer Americans are serving in the military, meaning we are becoming more and more detached from those who are recent veterans or enlistees.

The Sacramento Bee reports it's the result of a combination of factors. For example, ending the draft and turning to a volunteer military means the younger you are, the less likely you've served or even be closely related to someone who has.

While Pew Research finds 61 percent of Americans have an immediate family member who have served -- only about 20 percent of them are under 30. 

In the Sacramento area, only 4 percent of men between 18 and 40 are veterans.

For those 65 and older, 54 percent are veterans.

The same kind of demographic differences are found nationwide, with just 12 percent of American men in their late 20s being vets.