How well is the U.S. preparing today's students for the future?  

Not well enough, according to a new study that measures the key factors relating to STEM jobs and education.

Despite multiple initiatives to improve science, technology, engineering and mathematics education, America isn't producing enough workers to fill current and future STEM jobs, which are now outpacing the rest of the economy by 300 percent.

That's according to the newly-released U.S. News/Raytheon STEM Index.

Lou DiGioia, Executive Director of the non-profit MATHCOUNTS foundation, says their National Competition is bringing together the country's brightest math students and helping to foster a passion for math.

"U.S. industries face a dire need for employees with the advanced math abilities necessary to remain globally competitive. More needs to be done to prepare today's young people for tomorrow's careers," he said. 

DiGioia believes inspiring a love of math and science in students will set them on the right track for future success in hopes of getting the country get ahead of future demand!

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