If you're not really happy with your cable and internet providers, a new survey says, you're not alone.

The American Consumer Satisfaction Index says subscription TV services and ISPS now rank at the bottom of the more than 40 industries surveyed.

"People are quite dissatisfied with the reliability of the service, the quality of the service and particularly disgruntled about the high cost that they're paying for these services," Spokesman David Vanamburg said. 

Vanamburg says every TV service's score fell from last year's survey, with the biggest drop seen in call center satisfaction.  

Two cable companies received the worst scores in the survey.

"Time Warner and Comcast may be really at the bottom of this industry, but no one's doing a particularly good job, and no one's doing a better job than they were a year ago," Vanamburg said. 

Customers did give fairly high marks for overall picture quality.