Forty-year-old Jack Perry is behind bars this morning - accused of assaulting 76-year-old Elias Carranco with a tazer or stun gun.

Perry lived in the area of where the crime occured on North American Street on June 25th. Stockton police officer Joe Silva says he is the same person seen in surveillance video - walking up to the elderly man and knocking him out.

"Based on the tips and the nature of the tips, investigators were able to do some really good police work and follow up, and they were able to identify the suspect as the one who assaulted our seven-six year-old parking lot attendant."

Perry was placed into the San Joaquin County Jail and is facing multiple charges - including elder abuse.

The eldery man who was assaulted is still in intensive care - and may need medical attention for the rest of his life - resulting from the injuries.