Placer County sheriff's deputies arrested three Bay Area burglary suspects and are seeking a fourth after the group stole a large amount of baby formula from the north Auburn Bel Air store Wednesday evening.

Placer County Sheriff Spokesperson says they were lucky. 

"We were very lucky to catch them in the act, because they ended up having about $6,000 worth of stolen baby food and other items in the trunk of their car," she said. 

Erwin says the theft of high prices groceries is not new. 

"It's kind of a national trend, we've seen it a little bit in Placer County but the suspects go in and shoplift these very expensive items, you know, it's up to $30 a canister for baby formula, then they can resell it," Erwin said. 

The suspects were said to be stealing the items from Reno and headed to the Bay Area for sale.