Nearly a year ago, someone fishing in Dry Creek found human remains along the creekbed, identified as 19-year-old missing person John Paul Alpert of Palmdale. Lt. Cal Waldstad says, 'He was a college student, and helped out his parents, was looking for an adventure, took off and started riding the rails.'

Detectives say Alpert arrived in Roseville on a freight train between March 16 and 17 2013, where he was killed near a freight train rider’s encampment. Waldstad says, 'I wouldn't call it necessarily a problem - we just have a lot of places that people camp along the creekbeds.'

Now three arrests have been made in that killing. Thirty-year-old Laura Kenner was arrested in Farmington, New Mexico. Twenty-one-year-old Jules Clifford Carrillo, and 23-year-old Edward Taylor Anauo, were arrested by the Nebraska City Police Department. The three are being held without bail on suspicion of homicide, awaiting extradition back to Placer County.