Word out the U.S. Attorney's Office is that several Sacramento area people have been arrested in connection with a major drug bust in Idaho.

The arrests are part of a still-active investigation by federal authorities, which involves heroin and the prescription painkiller oxycodone -- reportedly $6 million worth of oxycodone.

Among those arrested were Coral Wilson of Sacramento and Ajellon Dedaux of Rancho Cordova.  

Agents searched a Sacramento home in the 8900 block of Rosetta Circle and then an apartment complex in Rancho Cordova for documents, phone records and paraphernalia to connect the suspects to the Idaho drug ring.

The federal indictment alleges those two, and up to seven others, supplied the drugs to an Idaho gang.  

Federal officials believe this has been going on since at least 2012, and it's being called the biggest drug bust of its kind in Idaho history.  

No word yet on where the drugs were coming from.