For the second time in several weeks, suspects from Richmond have been arrested after using stolen credit cards to purchase Target gift cards in Placer County.

Placer County Sheriff's spokeswoman Dena Erwin says a detective followed Darryl Brown, 33, out to his car after watching him buy a lot of items with Target gift cards. Once Brown lit up a joint, the detective had probable cause to search the car.

"They ended up finding more than 30 Target bags filled with items this couple just bought, and they had tons of Target cards in the car with them," Erwin said.

Keshia Owens, 24, was also detained after detectives discovered she had fake credit cards in her name.

"They create a card with their name so they can use their ID, but the magnetic strips have been embedded with some stolen credit card accounts, so when they use the card it's charging to a stolen card," she explained.

Erwin added that there is an investigation into where Owens got the stolen card numbers.

Photos courtesy of the Placer County Sheriff's Department.