The United States held tough against Belgium's relentless pressure and took Tuesday's second round match to extra time at 0-0 at the World Cup.

U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard made a tough save in the first minute to deny teenager Divock Origi to start a standout game as waves of Belgian attacks largely went unanswered in a lopsided match.

Yet the United States relied on its stamina, and on Howard, to force extra time.

But early in regulation time, Belgium scored a goal, leaving the score at 1-0 Belgium. 

Belgium scored again in the first 15 minutes of extra time. But the U.S. didn't give up.

The U.S. came back and punched in a goal of their own, making the score 2-1, in favor of Belgium. 

USA had a good chance to score when they were fouled by Belgium and got a penalty kick from 30 yards out with seven minutes left in extra time. However, they didn't score on the play. 

The U.S. put up a good fight and it was a close game, but ultimately, they could not make up the point deficit. 

The game was briefly delayed when a man ran onto the field in the 16th minute and had to be escorted off.

The winner will play Argentina in the quarterfinals on Saturday in Brasilia.