The tavern where Buffalo Wings were invented 50 years ago celebrated the snack's birthday on Thursday. According to the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, the spicy chicken wings were created by Teressa Bellissimo, the restaurant's owner at the time.

Ray Moore has been the chef there for 32 years. He says Belissimo and her family would abstain from meat in observation of Lent.  One March night after the clock struck twelve, Moore says Belissimo went into the kitchen to cook up a midnight snack for her bartender son, Dominic, and his customers.

"She had these chicken wings and she just cut'em up and deep fried them and put hot sauce on them, and put some butter on it, and that was history.  That was it," he explained.

Buffalo Wings have gone on to be one of most favorite snacks, especially on Super Bowl Sunday when millions are consumed.