A new survey shows almost 90% of employees come to work even when they know they are sick.

Staples, the office supply company, commissioned the survey.  Last year, 80% of workers said they go to work sick.  Just a few years ago, the number was 60%.

Workers, according to the survey, said they thought staying away for three days when sick with the flu was appropriate.  Most, however, said they stay out for less than two days; even though it means putting coworkers at risk.  45% said they return to work early because they don’t want to fall behind on their workload.

-49% percent of respondents understand they are contagious with the flu virus for one day before symptoms develop and from five-to-seven days after becoming sick, an improvement from 38% last year.

-57% know that flu viruses can live on a hard surface up to three days, a slight increase from last year; however, 66% of employees still only clean their desks once a week or less, up from 51% last year.

-76% of workers correctly identified the break room as the least clean spot in the office, a sharp increase from 26% last year.

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