A new strain from down under is making America sick and it's more than just a bad case of the flu.

Sydney Norovirus is a new strain of Norovirus, and its on the loose in America.  There's is no immunity to this one.  The Sydney Norovirus is being called a superbug because it's the flu on steroids.  It comes on fast, can make you more violently ill than the average Norovirus and is especially virulent.  Also reported Swine Flu making a comeback

"This is the first year since 2009 that we've seen this H1N1 circulate so much in the United States," said Michael Young with the CDC.

He added that taking vigilence about cleanliness, use bleach to clean your home, and keep your hands clean with frequent washing and usage of hand sanitizer is the best way keep the flu from hitting you.

H1N1, also known as the swine flu, is making its a resurgence in Kern County and that's got Southern and Central California Public Health agencies stocking up on vaccines.  It's the strain is known to attack a usually healthy part of the population. 

"H1N1 does tend to infect a young adult population more than other kinds of flu," Young said. 

He continued to say this strain is familiar to researchers.

"This is the same virus that we saw in 2009 that caused the pandemic back then," he said. 

Just as sydney norovirus is working its way across the country, doctors say using hand sanitizer and washing your hands frequently is the best way to keep from being infected.