There's quite a generation gap when it comes to the role of motherhood.  

The DDB Life Style Study looked at moms from three generations and found Millennials generally have a harder time being a mother.

Co-Director Denise Delahorne says a third of Millennials said if they had to stay home with their kids day after day, they'd lose their minds.

"Part of the reason is they have less experience at it. So, as it is with any new job, any new role that you play, when you have less experience you find it more difficult," Delahorne said. 

In contrast, only 21 percent of Gen X and 18 percent of Baby Boomer moms felt that way.  

Millennial mothers are also more than twice as likely than Gen X and Boomer moms to say they'd rather spend time with their friends than their kids.  

Almost half of those surveyed from each generation agreed that time away from their kids makes them a better parent.