Easter is just a few days away, and many parents might be thinking about some baby chicks for their children for the holiday.  

Michigan Humane Society spokesman Ryan McTigue says they're not the right option for everyone, as they're a long-term commitment for the whole family.

They do require specialized care, they require trips to the vet and things like that. So you want to take the time to really think about it before you bring any animal home," McTigue said. 

And he says sometimes the chicks are very poorly treated.

"Last year our cruelty investigators rescued 190 chicks in the city of Detroit that had been dyed various Easter type colors and that was difficult trying to find placement for those animals," he said. 

He adds many times people forget that baby chicks grow up to be chickens and roosters, and many areas of the state have ordinances outlawing keeping the birds as pets.