They served our country and now the California State Fair wants to serve them.

Thursday is "Military Appreciation Day" at Cal Expo.

All active, reserve, and veteran military members get into the State Fair for free on Thursday, but the benefits extend beyond free admission.

"There's also going to be workshops for veterans to find jobs within the state of California system," Lara Popyack with the California State Fair said. 

Popyack says the job workshops will be held at the Golden One Concert Stage.

They'll also have a fun military cooking challenge on Thursday.

"So the chefs will get MREs, which is military ready-to-eat meals, and just using those they have to prepare a meal. And then we'll see who comes up with the best meal using MREs," she said. 

And through Operation Postcard you can a pen a note to the troops.

"For that support and encouragement that I am sure they are all wishing for from us back at home," Popyack said. 

Again, Military Appreciation Day at the State Fair is tomorrow July 17.