Tickets are now available for one of the region's biggest events: The Sacramento Music Festival and Jubilee.

The Memorial Day weekend event will run for 4 days. Mike Testa is with the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau. 

"It's been in Sacramento for 41 years, previously known as the Dixieland Jazz Jubilee, and over the past decade or so it's evolved into a bigger music festival, that not only features jazz, but also rock and many different genres of music out there," Testa said.  

This year it will feature a group with seven No. 1 hits on their resume, American rock band Collective Soul.  

But Testa says while they're keeping different styles of music on the bill, the festival will still feature plenty of jazz.

"It's always going to maintain the traditional jazz element, that is the roots of this festival, and that is where it started, and you have to be true to that history," Testa said. 

Tickets are on sale now at