An iconic Sacramento restaurant is caught up in the middle of a big-dollar class action lawsuit.

The Tower Cafe is being sued by two former employees for allegedly not allowing them, and others, to take mandated 30-minute meal breaks, but still requiring time sheets to indicate the breaks were taken.

According to the Sacramento Business Journal, the suit was filed on behalf of Jose Camacho and Jose Rodriguez.  

Since it's a class action suit it would also cover any other employee who claims to have experienced the same situation.

The Tower's owner, Jim Seyman, reportedly denies the claims in the suit and says he's being victimized by disgruntled employees.

The owner of a long-time Sacramento eatery insists he's done nothing wrong.

Galen Shimoda, an attorney for the plaintiffs, says there's more to the story. 

"These hourly employees were clocked out for 30 minutes, automatically, whether they took it or not," he said.  

A claim Tower Cafe owner Jim Seyman absolutely denies.

"These people are lying and the attorney is naive believing what they have to say," Seyman said. 

He says this is a first for him and has approximately 100 employees who will stand behind him.  

Shimoda believes the case could take a few years to reach a jury but might be settled out of court.  

Seyman insists neither will happen.