If you're thinking traffic is a little heavier today than on your usual work day, the CHP and CalTrans will say you're right.

It may have taken you a few extra minutes to get to work this morning, and you may spend a little longer on your way home this afternoon.  

CHP Officer Martin Oliveras says it's pretty typical for the first day after a long holiday weekend.

"Everybody enjoyed the weekend, and weren't able to get a hold of maybe co-workers to be able to commute, so we see more cars on the road, where people just decide to ... take their own car to work," Oliveras said. 

He says the extra traffic is typically contained to the first day after the break.

"After that, the motoring public gets back into their routine and carpooling," he said. 

While statistics from CalTrans weren't immediately available, a spokesman tells KFBK that other than the spikes seen right after holiday weekends, traffic patterns are mostly steady throughout the year.