The Union Pacific Railroad is working quickly to put four cars of a 67 car train that jumped the track back on the rails.

The minor derailment is a lot less severe than initially reported.

Crews, including a pair of sideloaders and bulldozers, will have those cars back on the rails and the scene cleared.

Calli Hite with Union says earlier reports that cars went into the Sacramento River were exaggerated.

"Of the four cars that derailed, three were empty. One had scrap paper in it and that was the one kind of the the tip or corner of it was touching the river, but nothing was released out of that box car," Hite said. 

Union Pacific is hoping to have the line open within the next day or so.

There's no official cause given for the cars jumping the track, although it's been reported a car struck a bridge pillar as it was rolling under the I-5 bridge.

An Amtrak bus bridge is in place for passengers of the Coast Starlight between Sacramento and Klamath Falls, Oregon.