They say one man's garbage is another man's treasure. But if you're trying to put away drug dealers, it's evidence you're looking for. 

News10 learned the Drug Enforcement Agency was using a Sacramento garbage company to track a drug trafficking case. That case involved suspected crack cocaine trafficker, Omar Williams.

The DEA said Williams had a long rap sheet including convictions for attempted murder, assault on a police officer and drug trafficking.

The contents of Williams' garbage contained drug related evidence, including:

- Cut-open rectangular plastic packages coated with cocaine residue 
- Over 100 clear plastic sandwich bags coated with a powdery residue that tested positive for cocaine 
- 20 pairs of used rubber gloves 
- An empty cardboard box for a WeighMax digital scale 
- Receipts bearing Omar Williams' name 
- A ledger with numbers consistent with the current prices for kilograms of cocaine

He is also a validated Meadowview Bloods gang member.

Investigators said they needed probable cause that Williams was packaging and selling drugs out of one of his Sacramento homes, so they coordinated with the Sacramento garbage company to make a pickup.

Williams is in the Sacramento County Jail and is not currently eligible for bail.