The TSA is calling for a greater police presence at airport checkpoints in the wake of last year's shooting at Los Angeles International Airport.  

TSA Administrator John Pistole tells the "Los Angeles Times" the recommendation for more officers at checkpoints is a "measured response" to the Nov. 1, attack that killed TSA Agent Gerardo Hernandez.

The report calls for more airport police officers at "high-traffic" locations throughout the airport including ticket counters and security checkpoints.  

The TSA report also recommends better employee training to deal with emergency situations at airports.

Hernandez was killed and three other people were wounded when a gunman walked into Terminal Three at LAX and opened fire.  

Officials say the suspected gunman, Paul Anthony Ciancia, has been indicted on nearly a dozen charges, including murder.  

Months before the shooting, LAX police officials had moved airport police away from TSA screening check points to roving patrols, saying security needed to be flexible. 

LAX Police Chief Patrick Gannon said recently there were no immediate plans to return cops to the checkpoints.

See the full TSA report, here.