A Twin Rivers School Board trustee who is in trouble with the district and the law says he's not going anywhere.

Facing criminal charges and having been asked by his fellow Twin Rivers Board members to step down, Cortez Quinn is choosing not to quit.  

He's also accused of fathering a child with a Twin Rivers employee who loaned him money against district policy.

After a self-imposed 90 leave of absence, Quinn attended last night's board meeting.

"You know my colleagues, whether they support me or not, I am here supporting the people," Quinn said. 

Board president Rebecca Sandoval read a statement saying the trustees are focused on providing a quality education to students and won't be distracted.

Quinn is facing charges of fathering a child with a Twin Rivers employee and lying to police about a paternity test.  Quinn also allegedly took a loan from that same employee.  He'll back in court at the end of this month.