It wasn't a giant mouse, but two Sacramento men who police say stole the Tillamook mini buses.

The Tillamook Volkswagen mini buses have been found and two Sacramento men are suspected of the crime.

Nick Obligacion, chief of police for the city of Manteca Police says

"The first individual is Brian Michael Lancaster, he's 32. And suspect No. 2 is Ryan Anthony Monaco, a 38-year-old," Obligacion said. 

The arrests come after the three stolen Volkswagen mini buses owned by the company were found in Copperopolis Monday night. 

"We obtained a search warrant for a storage locker," he said. 

Obligacion says the buses valued at $100,000 each, appeared to be in perfect condition.

When asked why the men chose to burn the trailer and truck, Obligacion said it was too early into the investigation to say.