They want a smaller state, and a smaller government.

The "Jeffersonians" have made their secession movement a bit more official. 

There has been a push in far Northern California to split from the rest of the state for decades, but now, it's on paper.

Formal declarations to withdrawal have been submitted from Modoc and Siskiyou counties to the state Legislature and Secretary of State, a move capped off by a rally Thursday at the Capitol by those who'd like to see a State of Jefferson. 

The crowd of about 70 was led by Mark Baird, a pilot and rancher from Yreka who says there's no ill will toward the state, it's just that lawmakers don't really serve any of them because they're so far away.

This is separate from the "Six Californias" initiative that has been submitted to county elections offices.

Keep in mind, actually splitting the state would require an act of Congress.