Flags are at half staff to honor two Boston firefighters who died battling a nine-alarm blaze, and the family of firefighters throughout the nation want you to know who these two men were.  

They have a desire to put faces on the people who give their lives to protect their community,

"The two firefighters who lost their lives today were Lt. Ed Walsh with engine 33 and firefighter Michael Kennedy," said Boston Deputy Fire Chief Joseph Finn.

Thursday morning on the KFBK Morning News, they called KFBK counterpart in Worcester, Massachusetts, Paul Westcott of WTAG who told us about them.

"Lt. Edward Walsh, 43 years old, nine and a half year veteran of the force, 3 young children.  I mean just a heartbreaking story," he said.

"The other was a former US Marine-Corps veteran.  6 and a half years on the force and you just look at this and say, 'how could they have possibly prevented this?' These men went in where none of us would go," Westcott continued.

The cause of yesterday’s nine alarm fire in Boston’s Back Bay remains under investigation.