The suspect in a shooting at a New Mexico middle school is only 12 years old.

One boy was critically wounded and a girl is in serious condition after the shooting today in Roswell, New Mexico.  Officials say a 12-year-old boy pulled a shotgun from a band-instrument case and opened fire.

Gov. Susan Martinez says a staffer walked up to the boy and asked him to put the weapon down.  The shooting happened at Berrendo Middle School.

State Police Chief Pete Kassetas says a staff member at Berrendo Middle School in Roswell is credited with stopping the young shooting suspect before more people were hurt.

"He entered the school and went toward the gymnasium where he was told that there was an individual with a weapon and he was firing that weapon.  By the time we got there, the weapon which we believe was a shotgun, was laid on the ground," Kassetas explained.

Two students and another staff member were hurt. The injured students are in critical condition.  They were taken to a Texas hospital for treatment.