The Sacramento Police have arrested two men in connection with a shooting incident at the Natomas-area Peregrine Park in May that killed one and injured six others, Police Chief Sam Somers said during a news conference today.

Kelly Thomas, 22, and Orlando Rhinehart, 28, have been arrested on murder charges.

Officers responded to Peregrine Park in Natomas on May 10 after reports of shots fired at a child's birthday party. Witnesses said two armed men approached the party and fired multiple shots. Some witnesses said they heard as many as 30 gunshots.

Police believe that the suspects were targeting a specific group of men at the birthday party. Police believe the shooting was gang and drug related. 

A 7-year-old girl, who has since recovered from her injuries, was one of the victims struck and treated at the hospital. Twenty-nine-year-old Jacoby James was fatally injured and pronounced dead at the scene.

Thomas was arrested on August 15 in New York City. Rhinehart was arrested today in Sacramento. 

The investigation is ongoing and active.