Do kids and teens with autism also have symptoms of attention-deficit or hyperactivity disorder? And can they benefit from cognitive training to help with their symptoms?

Answering those questions is the goal of a research project by The UC Davis MIND Institute, and you can help.

Doctor Julie Schweitzer says they are looking for families with children diagnosed with Autism or Fragile X who would like to participate in the study. 

"Playing computer games, essentially. And they can do it on a computer, they can do it on a tablet, and it makes it a lot easier for the family because they have those resources there," Schweitzer said. 

Families will get two or three home visits that include cognitive and behavioral evaluations about three hours each and be asked to participate in five to six weeks of the in-home computerized cognitive training.

Dr. Schweitzer says they are ready. 

"We have a number of members on our team who have their cars fueled up and are ready to go," she said. 

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